For fellow travelers who have been in Bali and other parts of East Indonesia, Gili Islands are nothing new to them. However, if you have only heard of the name so far, your curiosity is something that you should indulge. Before you decide to visit, here are seven (7) basic things you need to know about these amazing islands:

  1. Gili Islands are known as Three Gilis” as well. These three islands are named Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Air. The trio are small and located off the northwest coast of Lombok, Indonesia. The name itself, “Gili,” is from a language in Sasak means “small island.”
  2. Gili Islands are very popular as tourists’ favorite destinations. There are plenty of small resorts in each island, mostly huts for tourists with a small pool and a restaurant. These are the most common accommodation you can find here, all on each island.
  3. Want to drive or ride around the islands? Forget it, because the local authority does not allow cars and motorcycles. You can ride a bicycle, a horse-drawn carriage called cidomo, or just walk in Gili Islands. The good thing is, you get to breathe more fresh air and there is no crazy traffic.
  4. Diving in and around the little trio here is very popular. If you are a big fan of marine life and attractive-looking coral formations, this is what you can do while you are in Gili Islands. Just please, make sure you do not pollute the ocean with littering, especially used plastic bags.
  5. There is a reason of why one of the three Gili Islands is named “Gili Air”: it is the only island of the trio that has subterranean fresh water. It is not only used by the resorts and the restaurants around it, but you could also have a sip of your own if you like. Hope you can find the exact source and know how to extract the fresh water.
  6. Since Gili Islands are close to the equator, the climate is warm with wet and dry seasons like most tropical islands. From May to October, you can experience dry season here, while the monsoon usually starts from November until April.
  7. There are two mountains closest to Gili Islands. Mount Rinjani is to the east of Lombok, while Mount Agung is in the west of Bali.

If these seven (7) basic facts about Gili Islands are interesting for you, then start planning and booking the right accommodation. May you have an exciting holiday while you are there.