What can one say about Gili Air? As one of the three famous Gili Islands, this small island also has eight (8) interesting facts that will interest you to pay a visit.

  1. Gili Air is the closest island to Lombok. Unlike the other two Gilis, this one has the most trees. The local inhabitants include Sasak, Mandar, Bugis, and Makassar.
  2. Gili Air means “a small island with water.” Because this is the only island among The Gilis that has fresh, subterranean water.
  3. The older generation of inhabitants in Gili Air still relies on farming coconuts, fishing, and becoming boatmen. Some of the youngsters are probably into tourism, although it does not mean they are interested in what their elders have been doing for years.
  4. Just like in the other two Gilis, snorkeling and diving are the most-anticipated activities while being on Gili Air. The local scuba diving businesses are PADI Dive Centres (there are three of them now), Manta Dive, Blue Marlin, and Dream Divers.
  5. If you just want to go snorkeling, go to the southeast and along the northeast of Gili Air.
  6. There is every diver’s favorite spot called Gili Air Here, you can see turtles and pygmy sea horses.
  7. Of course, before you dive, you need to pay attention to the weather and the seasonWhen the moon is high in the western part of this island, it means the tide is low. It also means that you cannot swim off the beach. Go to the south or the east side instead.
  8. Since cars and motorcycles are not allowed on this island, you can roam around Gili Air by walking, riding a bicycle that you can get from the bike rental places or riding a horse-drawn carriage they call “cidomo”. These are healthier activities which also cause no pollution. You will also not have to put up with the usual traffic.

Staying in Gili Air:

In Gili Air, the accommodation varies between many resorts and bungalows. Some of the resorts have swimming pools, just in case you get bored from swimming in the sea. Some Gili Islands bungalows are also closer to the beach. For example, Chill Out Bungalows. Just like the name itself, you get to relax while enjoying the facilities provided there, like the bar on the beach.

Bellow are a few of Gili Air accommodation.