Booking engine channel manager is a solution to find luxurious or private accommodations in gili islands, (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air), Lombok,  West Nusa Tenggara. It provides easy and quick booking through Channel Manager booking engine with numerous advantages. If you look for high-quality accommodations for a nice Lombok holiday, Channel Manager integrated service will help you to book fast and securely.

Why uses Channel Manager booking engine as its online reservation system for accommodation in Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili trawangan 

Easy and Quick Booking

Channel Manager’s booking Engine in is available for every accommodation. The form is straightforward and easy to fill, complete with overviews of the calendar, available room on each date, and the price. All information is available on one page, perfect for easy navigation.

The easy navigation also makes it easy for travel websites to update all information. All changes and additional info can be updated quickly, helping visitors to browse rooms easily.

Safe Booking and Payment with channel manager booking engine

Channel Manager’s integrated booking engine and payment system in has been secured and verified. DPS Payment Express is a virtual credit card system used by the booking system, which eliminates the needs for Point of Sale banking. Anyone can book and pay without worries. The payment calculation is also tax inclusive, so there is no need for separate tax calculations.

Payment details immediately appear after the guest filling all the form. The system accepts payments with VISA and Mastercard. A secure system is also one of the hallmarks of

No Hidden Fees

Hidden fees are unpleasant surprises for the hotel booking engine website owner and the guests. Channel Manager makes sure that there are no hidden fees. Guests can pay for the calculated price without getting surprised by unexpected additional payments. The hotel-booking engine websites are also free from unexpected guests, such as bank or e-commerce fees, so they will not burden the fees to guests.

Easy Booking from Any Device

Travelers can order accommodation in from any device, such as a laptop, mobile phone, and tablet. Channel Manager booking engine is easy to access from PC and mobile, perfect for travelers or mobile people with a lot of activities. It also offers easy management to travel website owners who use the system. is able to offer special prices for certain accommodations or rooms due to this feature. Travelers should not miss the opportunities to get special prices when booking accommodations in Lombok. is the best place to find luxurious and private accommodations in gili islands, (Gili Air, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno)  Lombok. Channel Manager makes the booking and paying safer, easier, and more reliable for travelers.

Pay at hotel when checking in

Guest also will be able to pay the room rate in Hotel when checking in or based on arrangement 


Channel Manager booking engine, one of the best online reservation system

Reserving hotel and villa can be a great stress for travelers. Website such as uses the online reservation system and booking engine to help prospective guests order accommodations, including those who want specific requirements in their rooms. Channel Manager booking engine  is an integrated reservation system to offer rooms in hotels and villas, without any hidden fees or complicated order systems.

The booking engine and reservation online button is a feature by Channel Manager that improves hotel order service. Find out why this feature is ideal for hotel and villa business.

Online Reservation System for Specific Accommodations

Travelers who prefer private accommodations like villas usually have more specific requirements. accommodates these needs by providing various villas to rent with detailed information on each page. Some guests may choose villas with beach view in Gili Meno or Gili Air, while others like a private swimming pool or close access to Gili Trawangan Harbor. Some want to come near New Year, while others choose low-season period.

Channel Manager’s Booking engine offers a practical way for travelers to order their favorite villas, with benefits such as:

Accurate daily rate

Channel Manager’s rate calendar in offers fixed daily rate for each villa and room. Prospective guests can see how much they need to pay for ordering the accommodation. All the prices are tax inclusive, so there is no need for separate calculations.

No hidden fees

Each rate in all villas and hotels are fixed, so there are no hidden fees. It applies to both the website owner and guests. Any additional fees will be informed clearly, so there will be unpleasant financial surprises when the guests arrive.

Immediate availability information

Whenever there is an empty or booked accommodation, the system will immediately update the info. There is no risk of double-booking or overlap because of a late update.

Easy to choose specific villa

Guests who order one out of several villas in a resort can choose the one that specifically caters to their needs. Channel Manager’s Booking engine is available for each individual villa, complete with its information.

Easy to find other attractions

Channel Manager’s Booking engine is integrated with page, including information about the nearest attractions from each villa or hotel room. Guests can find accommodations that are the closest to their destinations, from Gili Trawangan Harbor to Art Market. Accommodation research is more convenient with this integrated page.

Additional info boxes

The Book Now page from Channel Manager provides Special Request box. Guests who need specific requirements, such as vegetarian foods, baby crib, and such may inform their needs in the box. There is also Estimated Time of Arrival box, which informs the villa manager when guests may arrive, avoiding last-minute cancellation due to late arrival.

Easy and safe payment

Payments will immediately be calculated on the page during reservation. The payment system is protected by Secure DPS portal, to prevent frauds and credit card thefts. Guests can also order with Agoda credit card, or even check and cash (walk-in booking) if necessary.

Reserving a villa for nice island holiday requires good planning. Channel Manager’s Book Now page in is the best online reservation system, which provides convenient and safe service for guests.

Save time, increase bookings and stay organized with Channel Manager Booking engine 

Direct booking engine  is now a favorite solution for travelers to reserve accommodations. Website such as uses Channel Manager Indonesia, an online reservation system to accommodate direct booking without third-party services. Channel Manager offers more benefits compared to third-party websites, both for website owners and customers.

Here is why Channel Manager is more efficient than third-party services.


Channel Manager booking engine is a fast way to book a room, villa, or cabin, without going through third-party services or hotel’s customer service emails. Guests can choose any room on any date, and fill simple reservation form to book accommodation. The payment process is safe and direct so that the website will gain more trust from the customers.


Channel Manager does not have hidden fees, both for customers and booking website owners. All the prices for customers are tax inclusive, so there is no need for separate calculations. Channel Manager only takes 3 percent of fee from every successful transaction, so website owners do not need to lose much from using the reservation system.

Practical and convenient

Channel Manager is convenient for customers and website owners. Guests can choose the newest update for room availability and rates as soon as changes happen. Meanwhile, website owners do not need to worry about overbooking or double booking, because the automatic update will change the information after every booking.

Easy to use anywhere

Channel Manager is easy to use anytime and anywhere. Travel website owners and customers can access it through PC, tablet, or phone. Booking is quicker and more convenient, and website owners can manage the system anywhere.

Widespread channels

Channel Manager has a partnership with various travel websites and services across the globe, which makes it easy to update hotel information and conduct payment. Related channels include Agoda,,, Asia Travel, Discover Australia, Expedia, Jetstar, and many more.

Website such as uses a feature called Book Now button from Channel Manager, to help customers access the reservation form. The Book Now button has several features that make direct booking easier, such as:

Complete rate info

The calendar-style rate info in Book Now page has a practical design. Customers can move the cursor on top of each date to see complete prices, with all the inclusions. There is no hidden fee, and the prices displayed are the current rates.

Book and pay on the same page

There is no need to open multiple pages or do repeated logins. Channel Manager provides practical one-page reservation form, and customers can order and pay right away.

Option to pay cash

Not all customers want to pay by credit card, so Channel Manager provides options to pay directly at the hotel. The Book Now and Pay at Hotel option is more convenient for guests who cannot immediately pay with credit cards. Website owners and the hotels will also get immediate payment updates and calculations.

Increase booking, 

With channel manager booking engine set up in hotel website, it will increase the probability of booking, as there will be no need to confirm the booking as the booking will be confirmed automatically

Stay organized

Channel manager booking engine also integrated with front office system and booking site updater that will make much easier for hotel manager and villa owner to manage their hotel or villa. 

Language and currency options

Channel Manager provides various selections of currencies and languages. Channel Manager Indonesia, for example, offers the Indonesian language on the page, and rate calculations with Rupiah.

Direct booking engine has supported various Indonesian travel websites, such as Channel Manager Indonesia is a practical solution for efficient and safe direct hotel and villa booking engine.